Welcome to the Greater Green Valley CERT website!

The Greater Green Valley Community Emergency Response Team (GGV CERT) is part of FEMA’s Citizens Corps. GGV CERT was formed in 2003 as a volunteer organization sponsored by the Green Valley Fire District. We currently have about 50 members, all of whom have completed 20-hours of training on how to organize for and respond to a disaster. We meet once a month at the GVFD Training Center for follow-up training.

While some of our members are former nurses, firefighters or law enforcement, we are not first responders—but we could be the first ones on the scene until First Responders arrive. That’s what we train for. Every community could benefit from have some trained people who know their neighborhood, its streets, organization and the residents who might be especially vulnerable in the event of a disaster.

GGV CERT is a member of the Green Valley Council’s Emergency Planning Committee.

What is CERT?

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program helps train people to be better prepared to respond to emergency situations in their communities. When emergencies happen, CERT members can give critical support to first responders, provide immediate assistance to victims and organize spontaneous volunteers at a disaster site. CERT members can also help with non-emergency projects that help improve the safety of the community.